Successful Live Generation Following !!

The ACCESS project team is very excited to report that the heating demand of our participants was succesfully matched with the generation output of the Garmony hydro scheme.  A 5-hour live-following test was undertaken in the last week of March and project partners, VCharge, reported minimal software glitches (which have already been addressed) and no issues relating to participant heating or hot water either during or after the test. 

Over the course of the 5 hours of charging, storage heaters were dispatched in priority order, based on their “need” to charge. The ranked dispatch list of heating assets was passed to the VCharge system every 5-10 minutes, essentially re-shuffling the list of heaters that would be turned on.  Simple (!)

VCharge intend to continue to analyse the data from this test, and will run a couple more (as weather allows) for longer periods over the next couple of weeks before we formally commence live matching on an on-going basis.  We may be the only people in Scotland hoping for rain this Easter!  This milestone has of course been eagerly awaited for quite some time and so it is fantastic news to hear of this progress.