The Project Team

ACCESS is a partnership between community groups, charities, businesses and electricity companies.

Each organisation has a dedicated team of people working to ensure ACCESS is a success.

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 The ACCESS Project Team

The ACCESS Project Team


Mull and Iona Community Trust

Mull and Iona Community Trust (MICT) is a dedicated and passionate locally based organisation focussed on improving the quality of life for the residents of Mull and Iona. With a long track record of delivering successful community development projects addressing problems of geographic isolation and economic and social exclusion in remote and rural communities MICT takes pride in working with many external organisations and, crucially, with our own community.

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Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland is an independent, member based social enterprise and charity with a key aim to build confidence, resilience and wealth at community level in Scotland through sustainable energy development. Our goal is to see all Scottish communities maximise the opportunities offered by sustainable energy development.

To do this Community Energy Scotland aims to:

  1. Provide support to communities developing community energy projects.
  2. Help overcome infrastructure challenges such as network constraints.
  3. Identify opportunities for reducing fossil fuel use and the reduction of fuel poverty.
  4. Help communities to maximise their ownership of projects and the local economic value of the renewable energy they generate.
  5. Provide a collective voice for our members and drive technical, policy and regulatory innovation to help overcome the challenges they face.

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SSE Energy Supply

SSE Energy Supply Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of SSE plc, a vertically integrated energy utility and the largest provider of renewable energy across the UK and Ireland.  SSE plc, the parent company is listed in the top 40 companies on the London Stock Exchange and is the UK’s broadest energy utility, active in the entire energy chain from gas production through to distribution and transmission, generation from both thermal and renewable sources and energy supply.

SSE Energy Solutions

SSE Energy Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of SSE plc. The company is at the forefront of low carbon and energy provision with a massive demonstrable commitment to reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions and tackling climate change. SSE Energy Solutions are the specialists within SSE for the installation of Quantum electrical storage equipment and the relevant communication hardware for this project. Innovation is a critical part of the company. The development of the Dimplex Quantum system (the heat storage device for this project) was a joint programme between Dimplex and SSE. This project is seen as a further step towards the continuous improvement of the Quantum and theSSE Energy Solutionsportfolio of products and services.

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Element Energy

Element Energy provides technical and economic analysis of low carbon energy technologies. Element Energy are a leader in the field of heat and electricity consumption modelling, and work with all UK Distribution Network Operators to help deploy low carbon technologies on their networks.

Element Energy provides strategic analysis, as well as project management services, commercialisation and deployment support, and technical due diligence and market analysis.

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VCharge builds hardware and software to coordinate ‘Transactive Load’ – that is, distributed electric load with embedded storage capable of responding intelligently to changing grid conditions. Core competencies include revenue-grade distributed power metering, deployment of market-based, commercially viable smart grid projects, and grid control/coordination that co-optimizes across time scales and incorporates next-generation Demand Side Management.

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